Growing A "Kinder"Garden


Hello everyone! 

Welcome…  This blog is set up with the intent of connecting with others who share my enthusiasm for the teaching profession.  I look forward to a collaborative approach to teaching and learning.

Throughout my career I have had the honour of working with numerous exemplary educators in the Burnaby school district, which is an amazing place to teach and learn.  My colleagues amaze me! 

I have written and presented workshops, participated in conversations to enhance student learning at the school board level, facilitated a district Kindergarten network for 10 years, mentored district Kindergarten teachers and student teachers out of Simon Fraser University, completed a Masters of Education degree through the University of British Columbia, have been site supervisor during summer session in my district, and have written multiple articles including some around inclusive classrooms for children with extra needs. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunities to grow professionally and personally!

I hope that the information posted on this blog will be informative and helpful.  Please feel free to download and use anything you might find useful to you.  I’ve set the blog up so you can peruse and download/use idease that have been shared with me through the years.  I’d love it if you could post any ideas you have that might benefit our colleagues.  Please share!  Questions are good as well! 

Since I don’t  want to be the “queen” of providing answers to questions (I’m learning just like everyone else), I would love it if participants could provide answers to questions if they have them and I’ll do the same.  “Learning together” is the goal…

Enjoy, and have fun!

Cheerio and have and amazing day!  🙂

Gayle Hernandez


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